The Opportunity

2021 04 22 09.45.22 1 The OpportunityAs parents of two disabled adults, maintaining physical and mental well being is the key for a happy, healthy, and productive life. The EPIC Program (Endless Possibilities in the Community) provides our son, Brendan and daughter, Hannah a safe and inviting environment and the opportunity to reach their potential through a caring and coordinated fitness program.

EPIC’s dedicated staff are committed to improving their quality of life through specially designed fitness programs that include nutrition advice, building self-confidence, and cultivating social skills. The benefits of EPIC cannot be understated!

The impact on our children’s lives has been nothing short of amazing. After years of medical treatment, hospitalizations, surgeries, physical therapy and therapeutics, the EPIC program has given Hannah and Brendan a pathway to maintaining a healthy lifestyle and the confidence to move forward in a positive direction.

Dennis L. Craighton

EPIC Parent