Adults with multiple disabilities will have the opportunities for self-determined participation in meaningful community venues of their choice including vocational, volunteer, health and wellness, recreation, leisure, and higher education pursuits that support a productive lifestyle and development of life-long friendships.

EPIC YMCA Bear Glasgow


Just off of route 40, the YMCA Bear-Glasgow facility includes countless amounts of opportunities for activities ranging from a sizeable soccer field and outdoor pool with slides to a dance room and a typical gym room with a variety of workout equipment.

Currently, we are only based at the YMCA Bear-Glasgow location, but we are continuously looking to partner with other YMCA locations to expand our program to give the opportunity to more people in the community.

Bear-Glasgow Family YMCA

351 George Williams Way, Newark, DE 19702

(302) 836-9622


We know our clients might have a hard time accessing transportation to our program, so we have provided an option to make this process easier.

Below you will find a link to an application for ADA Paratransit which is a door-to-door shared-ride public transportation service for people whose disability prevents them from using Fixed Route Service (regular city buses).

Link to download the application for ADA Paratransit: [download id=”2714″].

The requirements to qualify for Paratransit are outlined in the application. Please submit the completed application to:

Belinda Strickland
ADA Compliance Specialist

DART logo
DART Paratransit


The following activities are available for EPIC clients to improve their cardiovascular health:

Seated Eliptical
Expresso Bike
Recumbent Bike
Seated Bike
Stair Climber
UBE Open Eliptical

The following activities are available to EPIC clients for strength training:

Leg Extension
Seated Leg Press
Seated Leg Curl
Hip Abduction
Bicep Curl
Chest Press
Shoulder Press
Pectoral Fly
Lateral Raisers

EPIC clients can also engage in any of the following recreational activities:

Leisure Walk

The following is a list of equipment that has been adapted to make fitness easier for our physically disabled clients:

Enliten OASUS

An open area support system that provides support and fall protection in the gym. This system has been installed over some of the treadmills. There is also a freestanding model in a small fitness room for mobility training.

Hydrolic Table

A height adjustable large changing table in the dressing room of the pool area.


A movement trainer especially suitable for people with limited mobility and those who use wheelchairs.

Rifton Tram

A transfer and mobility device designed for gait training, sit to stand transfers and seated transfers.

Mat Table

A large padded table for range of motion exercises or relaxing.

A physical therapist is available on site during set hours. You must have completed an evaluation and have a script from your physician. You must also have insurance coverage.