Clinical Exercise Specialist

An Exercise Specialist provides fundamental services to members participating in EPIC Delaware/EPIC Abilities.

  1. Contributes to members’ wellness by collaboratively identifying individualized fitness goals and exercises.
  2. Promotes and maintains health and wellness through customized personalized fitness programs to members.
  3. Instructs and coaches members when describing and demonstrating appropriate exercises while always maintaining safety. Implements manual exercises such as: assisted exercises, ambulatory functional activities, and daily living activities.
  4. Assists members/Positions members into supportive devices such as wheelchairs, TRAMS etc.
  5. Accurately documents member exercise data into appropriate databases.
  6. Maintains safe and clean work environments in compliance with procedures, regulations and infection-control policies and procedures. Trains and monitors staff on specific equipment deemed necessary by Executive Director.
  7. Communicates effectively with members, family members, caregivers, guardians and EPIC and YMCA staff.
  8. Adhere to federal, state, and DDDS requirements. Maintains member confidentiality /HIPPA standards.
  9. Maintains necessary licenses, state required competencies, required EPIC training competencies and certifications.
  10. Maintains a positive and encouraging attitude in regard to EPIC members, family/caregivers, guardians, and stakeholders.

Read, understand, and be prepared to act upon all safety requirements within the program areas.

  • Bachelor’s degree in Athletic Training or Exercise Science, or Associate degree in Physical Therapy Assistant or related field; or 3 years of experience and education in working with individuals with disabilities in a therapy/exercise capacity and a national Personal Training certification.
  • Licensed as a physical therapist or physical therapist assistant or certified adaptive fitness trainer.
  • Experience working with adults with intellectual and physical disabilities, including but not limited to
    tram transfers and exercise/stretching with individuals that use assisted devices for mobilitywheelchair,
    cane, walker, etc.
  • Transfer of members up to fully dependent.
  • Must be able to lift or rerack weights up to 55 pounds.
  • Personal experience using common exercise equipment and performing fundamental movement patterns with and without equipment (squat, lunge, push, pull and press).
  • Ability to perform all physical aspects of the position; including exercise and equipment demonstrations, walking, standing, bending, reaching, and lifting.

Advance our Mission:

  • Change Leadership: Facilitates, co-creates, and implements equitable change for the good of the organization and/or community.
  • Engaging Community builds bridges with others in the community to ensure the EPIC’s work is community-focused and welcoming of all, providing community benefit.
  • Philanthropy: Secures resources and support to advance the EPIC’s work.

Building Relationships: Collaboration: Creates sustainable relationships within the Y and EPIC programs and with other organizations in service to the community. Communication & Influence: Listens and expresses self effectively and in a way that engages, inspires, and builds commitment to the EPIC’s cause. Inclusion: Values all people for their unique talents and takes an active role in promoting practices that support diversity, inclusion, and global work, as well as cultural competence.

Leading Operations: Critical Thinking & Decision Making: Makes informed decisions based on logic, data, and sound judgment. Fiscal Management: Manages the EPIC’s resources responsibly and sustains the EPIC’s nonprofit business model. Functional Expertise: Executes superior technical skills for the role. Innovation: Creates and implements new and relevant approaches and activities that improve and expand the EPIC’s work and impact in the community. Program/Project Management: Ensures program or project goals are met and intended impact occurs.

Developing & Inspiring People: Developing Self & Others: Develops self and supports others (e.g., staff, volunteers, members, program participants), both formally and informally, to achieve their highest potential. Emotional Maturity: demonstrates ability to understand and manage emotions effectively in all situations.

DISCLAIMER: EPIC reserves the right to change this job description as conditions change.

Employment Type
Reports To
Executive Director
Date posted
March 29, 2023
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